AseCard & Yungztah

We Heard ASECARD AND YUNGZTAH IS BACK! The Fairfield, CA dynamic duo legends have come back on the scene with the follow up to their most popular project ‘Yung & Seductive’.

Back in 2004, in highschool, the boys had released the original project of ‘Yung & Seductive’ to the masses of their city which garnered them unbelievable success and attention. Old school selling the albums out the trunk, going to each high school in the area spreading the word of the amazing album that everyone was receiving very well. This helped catapult them further into their careers to get signed by major labels and do music with the elite.

NOW, here it is almost 20 years later and they are celebrating with the release of the follow to their record breaking album by doubling up and dropping a DOUBLE ALBUM for ‘Yung & Seductive’. On this Album they have completely capitalized on everything in life and music. There is literally something for every music lover in the universe. Chocked with immaculate features, lyrics, production, homage paying, creativity; This album deserves a Grammy and more right out the gate! ASE and Yungztah take you on a melodic journey starting from their hometown to around the world and you can’t help but enjoy it or love it. ‘Yung & Seductive’ is musical art that can be played at anytime, any season, with or for anyone!

Please, do yourself a favor and please your music hunger with the new album from two of the dopest artists in the world to ever bless the microphone and listen to the new double album ‘Yung & Seductive’ by AseCard and Yungztah. SoapMuzik and Non-Stop Entertainment’s finest.


AseCard & Yungztah
Yung and Seductive on Spotify:

Yung & Seductive II (Seductive Side)

Yung & Seductive II (Yung Side)

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