Old Henry Thought After Watching The Film

Old Henry is a Western crime film directed by Patsy ponceley and starring Tim Blake Nelson, Scott haze, tres Adkins and Gavin Lewis. It was released in the United States on October 1, 2021. The film tells the story of a series of incidents caused by a farmer taking in an injured man. Click here to watch Old Henry free movie, and you can also Watch Family Movies Online Free.

Introduction to Old Henry’s Plot

In 1906, Henry (Tim Blake Nelson) settled in the territory of Oklahoma and maintained a farm with his son Wyatt (Gavin Lewis). He is a widower. Ten years ago, he buried his wife, raised his children alone, and tried to teach the children to live a normal life. Occasionally, his brother-in-law Al (tres Adkins) joined in. One day, Henry found a horse wandering in the area, and finally tracked the animal’s track, finding an injured man, a loaded gun and a bag full of money. Henry takes everything back to the farm, hides weapons and cash, and tries to find out where the stranger named Kerry (Scott haze) comes from. Wyatt wants to take part in the action, trying to prove his maturity and join his father, but Henry knows very well what will happen to the family, because three strangers come here to claim curry, claiming to be law enforcement officers, and they want to arrest a bank robber.

Old Henry Review

Old Henry belongs to a specific western cowboy film. It seems that the film is tailor-made for the old Clint Eastwood, because the film is also based on the template of a man with a story fighting back. However, the film does not invite Clint Eastwood to play the role. Tim Blake Nelson, as the film’s leading actor, appropriately shows the character’s ordinary and courage, It also sublimates the director’s creative ideas. The plot of the film unfolds slowly, and at the same time, the unique tense atmosphere of western films is added. Through this rhythm, the audience is encouraged to participate in the plot together, which fully adjusts the audience’s appetite. The script of the film is also excellent, which enriches the sense of rhythm and level of the film.

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