Miss Ken Boyfriend? The Shocking Truth Revealed

Does Miss Ken have a boyfriend?

Mckenzyi Coleman, Or Miss Ken is a singer and influencer born and raised in Missouri. She is best known for her debut single “Cherries” and posting Y2K-era inspired content on various social media platforms.Coleman was born April 30, 2000 and is 21 years old. She was brought up in Kansas City, her real name is Mckenzyi Coleman, but fans know her by her stage name, Miss Ken.

She graduated from Truman High School and revealed she is studying for her nursing degree. Despite the fast and fabulous lifestyle of an influencer and popstar, Ken has stated in her blogs she is devoted to helping and dreams of being a nurse.

She rose to internet stardom after “Cherries” received over 10k views overnight and over 100k total streams to date. A year after the release, she announced she will be releasing an EP named after the single, preceding her debut album, “AQUA”. The “Cherries” EP is set to release in Summer of 2022.

Miss Ken has revealed on her private instagram that some fans follow that she does in fact have a boyfriend. She can be seen in the story post swooning over her love as she posts a screenshot of text messages. While she clearly adores her boyfriend, she has decided to keep his identity secret to protect his privacy.

The lovebirds were rumored to have become an item around March of 2022, one month before her birthday. While the singer has not yet been pregnant, she revealed she suffered a miscarriage on her vlog. She revealed the miscarriage was devistating to her, but hopes when the time is right that she would be able to start her family.

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