Custom Paint By Numbers Kit 101: Unleash Your Artist

Unleash your inner artist with these ENTERTAINING and EASY-TO-USE paint-by-numbers sets for kids and adults. One of the best methods to unwind and relax. Make your own wall art to show off to your loved ones and friends. A fun way to spruce up your home. Our kits include top-of-the-line acrylic paint and premium linen canvas. This guide was created to assist you in getting the most out of your new custom paint by numbers kit. So grab your supplies and get ready to create your own masterpiece.

Get The Linen Canvas Ready

A flat canvas with no wrinkles is required for the greatest effects. However, because our unique paint by number kits are printed on linen canvas, minor wrinkles are usual when unboxed. We recommend moistening your canvas with a damp cloth and ironing or steaming it at a low temperature (linen mode) to smooth the entire surface.

Look For A Place With Good Lighting

When it comes to painting, natural light is the finest. Period. However, we understand that natural light isn’t always available, especially if you’re working on a paint-by-numbers job indoors.

In that situation, attempt to choose a room in your house with a lot of white and even light. This refers to light that does not cast shadows on your hand or body. You’ll be able to see the numbers and outlines better if you have the right lighting.¬†

Assembling The Canvas On A Table

We recommend that you place your canvas on a table or another flat surface. When painting, you can keep the canvas from slipping or rolling by placing it on top of the surface where you’ll be working.

Make Your Own Workspace

Prepare your workspace with the following items before beginning to create your personalized paint by numbers canvas:

  • A place to keep your paint containers organized
  • A container in which you can clean and keep your paintbrushes moist.
  • To dry your paintbrushes, you’ll need some tissues.

In general, we advocate having a lovely workspace where you may feel entirely at ease and have access to all of your gear.

Remember that painting is a means of connecting with your feelings and capturing them on a canvas.

Advanced Suggestions For The Numbered Sections 

A custom-made numbered canvas is included in your bespoke paint by numbers package. Each part is defined by an outline, with a printed number inside each.

After applying the initial layer of paint, the contour and numbers may still be visible, especially for lighter colors. Therefore, we recommend pre-painting these guides with a white primer or white eyeliner.

You may also apply many coats of paint to your paint by numbers kit to improve the brightness and contrast of the colors. This will make your kit look a lot more professional in the end, and the colors will be spot on.

Paint In The Right Order And With The Right Colors

Even the most experienced painters employ one method: working in sequence and by color. Painting dark to bright, for example, is a popular “rule” in oil painting.

Even if you should not consider this a universal painting rule, it may help you obtain better outcomes if you begin with painting.

Start A Single Coat That Is Evenly Applied

If you apply a second coat in a specific location, remember to cover the number you will no longer require because the color will assist you. Ensure the first coat is entirely dry to avoid the paint bleeding into areas where you don’t want it. Don’t overfill the paintbrush; squeeze away the excess, so you just use the amount of paint you need. You can blur the edges of each area for a more realistic feel.

After you’ve finished with one color, wash and dry the paintbrush before moving on to the next.

Customize Your Paint With Your Own Photo By Numbers

We use high-quality paint, and you will have a lot of fun creating our magnificent artwork. You’ll finish up with an original shot and a reawakened creative side after a couple of hours of pleasant painting.¬†

Start to paint today with our custom paint-by-numbers kit!

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