3 Ways How I Found the Perfect Grand Piano Size For Me

My love for playing the piano goes beyond expectations. I can recall how amazed I was back then when my older cousin took me to visit a musical instrument shop. The grand piano size I saw in Singapore was breathtakingly beautiful. It felt so magical, even just from sitting.

Having said this, stay with me for a while, and hear my thoughts on why I find piano essential. Later, I will discuss how I looked into finding the perfect grand piano size for me.

Hello, My Mellow Piano

I am free-spirited, though I never had any close friends during my younger days. I was amazed when my favourite and only dear cousin who reached for my heart took me to her home to teach me how to play the piano. Once I saw that grand piano with its beautiful size, I felt for a moment that I had found my companion.

The tune gave my heart a soft caress I never thought I needed because I was too busy growing up. Too busy to care for the pain, that music became my freedom. So, when the time came that I needed to bid goodbye to my cousin, I gave one short loving gaze at the grand piano and made a wish. ‘Someday, I will look magnificent, standing beside the grand piano perfect for my size, even if no one sees.’ 

Let me tell you how I found the perfect grand piano size. Although it took me many years to purchase one, I prioritised choosing my grand piano.

3 Ways How I Found the Perfect Grand Piano Size For Me

1. I Look Over Manual Descriptions, Reviews, And Instructions For Pianos

For one, I am not a tall person. My height stands between five and two feet, so I cannot buy a grand piano that is too large for my size. While most grand pianos start with a conventional width of roughly 5 feet, the length can vary from about 4 to 9 feet.

I also make it a habit to check reviews from the website of a particular musical instrument shop either online or from physical stores. For example, I checked the Steinway piano review to gain valuable insights regarding their products, which helped me immensely!

2. I Do Not Shy Away From Asking Questions

When it comes to musical instruments such as a grand piano, I ensure everything is correct before purchasing. To cater to and know what will suit me, I am open to directly asking the manufacturer regarding the grand piano size. The various grand piano alternatives’ sizes and names vary depending on the manufacturer.

3. I Conduct A Thorough Research

Looking for the perfect grand piano that suits my size is challenging. So, I do my best to research the basic grand piano sizes, which is better for a private session, or if this type of grand piano matches me. I put a high value on the piano, as it is my favourite musical instrument, so doing that much research is essential.

These three ways helped me in finding out the perfect grand piano size for me. If you want to know more about the piano price in Singapore, don’t hesitate to contact Steinway Gallery Singapore

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